Welcome to Skymolcorp


Skymol Communicator Live Video Software:
  ㅇ Live voice/video and text chat communications  ㅇ Proactive voice/video and text chat  ㅇ Real-time site monitoring
  ㅇ Voice and video record
  ㅇ Offline voice/video and text messages
  ㅇ Push page and URL sending
  ㅇ Voice, video call and text chat transfer
  ㅇ Audio and video ads while on hold
  ㅇ View and search past voice/video and text chats
  ㅇ No software download and setup



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Why To Use Skymol Communicator
Besides you can provide customers with immediate 1-to-1 assistance using video chat, explain product options, and answer support-related questions, Skymol Communicator provides you the following benefits:
    ㅇ Boost online sales by 20%
    ㅇ Reduce service and support costs by 25%
    ㅇ Maximize ROI
    ㅇ Foster long-term customer loyalty&satisfaction